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Tips Eliminate Odor On Leather Jackets

This article is a continuation from my previous travel malang juanda post that same theme namely about the leather jacket, the previous article that you can read: "how to take care and washing leather jackets".

After I noticed it turned out in the posting has not been discussed about how to eliminate odor on leather jackets. The smell on leather jackets can be caused by several things, including the sweat coming out from the body, for example in the armpit.

On clothing made of fabric might be easier to remove the odor by washing the fabric, but not on a leather jacket, leather jacket because it should not be washed with reason will ruin the texture. you might ask, how can I remove the smell of the leather jacket if it's not washable? Please read his answer to below:

1. The first step to do is with your favorite leather jacket drying some time just to warm a bit, while jackets are mushrooming in the section should be on the outside so that the Sun can be about the part that stinks and does not damage the outer jacket.

2. after drying finished jacket, olesilah the inside of the jacket with the oil of telon. The trick is to smearing the Palm of your hand with the telon oil to taste lau DAB hands containing the telon to the inside of the jacket.

3. after the telon oil evenly on jackets, bathing your jacket a while back. Now freed from the smell of leather jackets and ready to wear.

Tips for washing and caring for a white Shirt so as not to Dull

PutihWarna white dress is the color favored kitchen set malang many people because it is easy for a combined color contrasted just about anything. so it is widely used for purposes in everyday life such as school uniform or work shirt. But, as the brightest color, few stains found on the white shirt will look very clear.

In addition the white color too often turned into a dull and yellowish white shirt make should get extra care than with other coloured shirt.

We are often confused, how to maintain and care for the white dress so as not to dull quickly? How did the return of white color as new on the shirt is white already look dull? Please read the below his.

Caring tips and return the white shirt looks dull:

Once worn immediately soak white clothes to prevent chemicals like deodorant and perfume too long clung to a yellowish stain causing on the collars and underarms. But before make sure you separate the clothes putihdengan suits of other colors. This is useful to prevent white shirt exposed lunturan of other clothes.
As a stain use a special detergent for white clothes in order to make the results more maximum wash. Usually special detergents for white shirt has a special formula to prevent white dress so as not to dull quickly.
When removing stains rubs part collar shirt pockets, underarm and manually. This part is the gathering place for difficult dirt cleaned up when using the washing machine.
Diterik Sun-bathing clothes, when it is dry immediately lift the shirt from the Clothesline.
After the clothes are dry white shirt setrikalah you with the temperatures are not too hot. Temperature too hot will make Your white shirt rapidly changing colors.
To keep white clothes tidy use hanging clothes/hanger made of plastic or wood. Avoid using hangers made of iron that can spread the stain to your shirt.
If you've had a white shirt looks dull, you can soak Your clothes with bleach after clothes washed with detergent. Soak for 30 minutes to 1 hour to get the best results.

Traditional materials to care for clothes:

The fruit of the noni noni fruit-use to brighten the white shirt looks dull. Prepare fruit noni that is ripe and then take the water. Then, mix the juice of noni water with clean water in a bucket. Soak Your white shirt for an hour then wash and rinse, after which you can wash them using detergents such as could be.

MSG/MSG MSG/MSG-can be used to remove blood stains, oils, beverages, and food on Your white shirt. The trick is to soak the shirt is white in the water that is already emblazoned one teaspoon MSG/Msg. After dikucek briefly, then wash it as it could be.

Salt Salt-lime & & lime can be used to whiten white clothes returns You are dull, the trick is to soak white clothes using a little bit of salt, the juice of the lime juice, and water overnight. Next you can wash the clothes as usual.

Tips On Choosing Lamp Downlight For Your Home

various Lamp Downlight
The advice to read: "the way of installation the installation of the electric lamp downlight"

Downlight or a Recessed Light is a Light Fixture or lighting fixtures mounted on the ceiling or ceiling of the House. The rays of light that came out of the downlight will be focused upon the area underneath it in the form of spot light.

Mounting the lamp downlight is usually used as additional lighting accents on each corner of the room. Light downlight this functions primarily to illuminate areas that are under the lights and provide optimal lighting effect on the room giving rise to the beauty of any object that is exposed to the light in more detail.

But to get the functionality required the selection of the correct lamp type. For example, the selection of the right downlight ceiling lights will generate a different atmosphere in the room that has the lamp.

Select the type of design of light downlight which corresponds to the room is the important thing to do. On this review will be presented some related tips on how to choose ceiling downlight lamp design that is appropriate to your liking. The following explanation:

This type of ceiling design-this is the first thing that you should consider in choosing the right downlight lamp design, because every design ceiling have different lighting needs so that will determine the layout of the lamp downlight and how many lights to be fitted. That way, you will get the maximum results.

Type of design of light downlight-by knowing the type of design of light downlight to be fitted then later will affect the lighting of a room so that the disdapatkan will bring up the sides of the beauty of the room during the day or night. So each side of the beauty of the room will be tereksplorasi with either through the lighting produced by lamp downlight.

If you are still confused by the different types of lights donwlight, then you can try to choose the type of lamp warm white. An effective way to change the mood of your room (at night) is to use the type of lights "warm white" on your downlight, where these colors will give the impression of a warm and cozy for the room and of course your eyes. If you want the downlight effect can also provide "stylis/modern" in your room during the day, try to choose a unique form of downlight and aligned with the theme of your interior.

Next once you know the type of ceiling design and the type of design of light downlight installation can be done then the next installation of the lamp downlight.

Tips On Cleaning The Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers hanging in the House is the accessories that made the House became more inda. Uniqueness types of chandeliers is the light that is produced makes the mood feels different than using regular light.

Treatment needs to be done considering the material and the shape of the lamp design mixed with different types of other lights. To keep the light crystal chandeliers can awake the quality care is required so that there is no material that can cover the outermost layer of the lights, as described below.

Before doing the cleaning activities be sure you have decided on an electric current connected to the crystal chandeliers, this is done to avoid You being stung stun time release the lamp from the cradle. Or for the more secure are turn off electricity at home with meng "OFF"-kan MCB.

How to clean crystal chandeliers

Materials needed:

Baking soda,
Sandpaper numbers zero,
Cleaning ceramic tile.

1. Separate parts of the chandeliers. However, previous release the first crystal chandeliers from the hook gantungannya.

2. prepare a bucket of water and then add 250 grams of detergent. Enter the part of the lamp into the water then let sit for one night. After the soaked then water will be black, cast in flow and then do repeat soaking up the marinade into clear water found that shows if the dirt that clings to the fall already.

3. Take a few sheets of newspaper and put on top of a flat table, locate the crystal chandeliers above it and let it dry by itself and Crystal don't dilap.

4. Subsequently clean the parts order
To order made from silver or stainless steel-Prepare warm water as much as half the bucket then add one tablespoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of salt into the water. Rendamlah order lights during the night. After soaking overnight is lifted and under-anginkan until dry.

To order made from chrome-mix 250 grams of detergent into a bucket of water and then enter your order into it. Soak the order for one night. Once clean, then wipe using dilap and dried fibrous high for example with lap Chamois until completely dry.

6. To remove rust in order to use sandpaper number zero. Or you can also use the liquid ceramic cleaner to remove the rust. Then after the rust is gone soak order in warm water. Then wipe the order until dry.

7. once the lamp and order the finished cleaned, rangkailah returns the crystal chandeliers.

In cleaning the crystal chandeliers do not need on a daily basis, you can perform the treatment once a month or when the lights look dirty.

Mistakes to avoid when using the Bathroom

Among us might ever do things that unintentionally turns out meruguikan our health, maybe one of the activities undertaken are intended to exit the bathroom cleanliness but instead add to the dirty or even carry germs from bathroom to other rooms in the corners of the House.

As reported by the Huffingtonpost, here are some of the frequent mistakes done in the following way the bathroom or suggestions to solve it:

1. most use shampoo

According to dermatologists, Dr. Zoe Draelos, scalp produce natural oils that act as hair conditioner. But if someone is using too much shampoo, consequently the natural oils it decays. But when your job causes a lot of dirt stuck in the body or excess oil in the scalp then shampoo usage allowed.

Advice-avoid shampooing when hair is not too dirty. But when forced to do so because of the production of excess hair oil is okay just do not overdo it.

2. using a sponge for a variety of purposes

A lot of us might wear one sponge for some things such as cleaning showers, mirrors in the bathroom, a toilet and a bathtub. It is best avoided because the same move germs from one place to another.

How to resolve – make sure you have some sponges, for different usage. Besides frequently clean the sponge after use.

3. How to sit in the wrong toilet

It turns out that according to the medical standards book named Bockus's Gastroenterology, the ideal posture for defecation is a squat, with both thighs right in front of the stomach.

A study from Japan ever agree to this by saying that the participant who squats while CHAPTER muscle legs not so tense and pressure on her stomach is also smaller. Another study also said those who do squat while CHAPTER can move his bowels 79 seconds faster than sitting. Fortunately there are still many Indonesians that CHAPTER by way of a squat.

Suggestion: use the toilet that is specific to squat, except the in your home there is parents who are already an excuse so difficulty when CHS using toilet squat.

4. Wipe the disposable wipes

How to use anal cleansing wipes are often committed by people in the West who sometimes lead to irritation and discomfort on the ass. We recommend that you flush with water or using wipes that can be directly disposed of so that would make her ass feels good and not inflamed.

Suggestion: provide always wipes in the bathroom, where water or regular water hose sprayers is contained on a set of toilets. Or take the phone always wipes wherever you go to keep-keep if you will a CHAPTER elsewhere.

5. Wear chemical substances to clean-up

To kill the bacteria cause infection and illness we normally use chemical substances to drain the tub and scrubbing the bathroom floor. But it turns out that a number of cleaning products harmful to health is precisely the people who use it.

Advice: avoid the use of chemical substances, try making your own cleaners by making use of fruits. Suppose the halved grapes and mixed with salt is an effective cleaner, basins, while the lemon half is also capable of removing water stains in the tub. It also certainly more refreshing.

How To Use Kanebo Laps/Chamois

I'm sure you already know very well what is kanebo, for those of you who don't know yet I will explain a little, Kanebo is a rag that can absorb water better than regular lap made of fabric or material. Some people call with lap mikrofiber.

Kanebo is a term commonly used to rag to dry the body of vehicles such as motorcycles or cars. Lap is stored in a container of yellow plastic cylinder shaped, white or purple with a removable cover.

Very few of the Ordinance or direction on how to wear this lap, commonly listed on the outside of their vessels are merely a way of storing a lap after use in order to remain in a State of wet.

But according to my experience, there are some things that should be noted in using lap kanebo, kanebo we awake the quality, long lasting and always ready to use, as outlined below:

1. When used to dry out the body of the vehicle should be one-way movement, do not move the rag with two direction or go back and forth (like mengampelas). This is intended to keep the dirt terusap by rag did not return again, moreover useful also to keep the body of the vehicle is not scratched.

2. once used to wipe usually we'll rinse the rag with water to be clean after rinsing to avoid a lap can twist the rip off laps, but pretty just kneaded by hand.

3. avoid brushing your lap to keep the laps of damage.

4. do not use the lap kanebo to dry specific parts containing oil or fuel oil.

5. Once finished use Save lap kanebo in place in case of wet/damp.

6. do not wipe the kanebo drying in the Sun, as it will cause the lap be stiff so easy being torn.

7. when lap kanebo in case dry then first soak in water before use.

How To Install A Water Tank Penguin

For those of you who're plug water tank/water toren/tandon at home we recommend that you follow the correct procedures for appropriate installation guide the installation of proper sources, as I will explain below that offered from PENGUIN.

Keep in mind that Every 1000 liters of water weighs 1 tonne, so it is important in considering the creation of a foundation that is able to withstand the weight of the whole tank. The Foundation made with good and right is very important for all of the water tank.

Tank placement instructions

1. Place the placement of the tank:
-Tower made of iron frame (no memilikit cracks on the tank holder trays).
Tower made of reinforced concrete
-Deck of reinforced concrete
-Ground floor made of reinforced concrete or brick couples
2. Foundation for the sockets of the tank should be clean, flat, and flat (try set with waterpass)
3. Where to make the Foundation must be solid and stable conditions
4. The width of the Foundation must be greater than the diameter of the tank.
5. Try not to place the water tank on top of the pipe installation and/or cable buried (to ease when the pipe or cable will be serviced or routine maintenance).
6. The place of which are to be fitted to the tank should be free from traffic or mobility so that all equipment related to the tank is secure from tampering.
7. avoid installing a water tank on top of the underground structures such as sheds, septic tanks, sewage, etc.

General Tanks are not designed for underground installation. Then there can be landfilled fully/partially

The surface holder/Foundation (click image to enlarge)

Holder/the right Foundation
Holder/the wrong Foundation
The limits of tolerance for the elasticity of the expansion/shrinkage of the Polyethylene Tank is owned by 3% from the dimensions of the tank. All tank connections should have provisions that allow movement when the tank to expand/shrink due to changes in temperature and load.

Installation of tank-pump

Use of the pump in accordance with the required pressure.
The pump is put in a place that is easy to check if a problem occurs.
Place the pump as close as possible to the water source, because with the suction pipe spacing decrease (suction) will add power pipe thrust (discharge).
Installation of the pump must not be direct or close to the outlet of the tank.
Use flexible connections to protect the walls of the tank from vibration of the pump. See Figure
The pump should be tied (dibaut) on the holder, in order to avoid movement and vibration when the pump is operating.
Reduce the number of bends in the connection pipe to prevent leaks in the installation of pipe and minimize the barriers.
Attach the Filter sand (typical analysis for strainer) for an easy source of water sucked shit.